Background is a picture sent by Lynn from her newsletter. She is the owner of this utra blue, ultra rare troll elephant. please see page one for information about her . P.S. There is also a pink version. Sold in New Zealand?



one of the harder 1960 dam animals
to find is this large donkey. he is
very often mistaken for a horse but
you can tell by comparing him with
the horse below that he is definitely
all donkey, well o.k. part troll too.
two small donkey' s  from the sixties
are valued at about $25-50 dollars.

All seems well in the trollchanted
forest as this little damthing plays
with her 80's large horse remake.
the original 1960's horse is very
hard to find. this remake is valued
between $75-100 plus dollars. .


Some older Giraffes watch over the
younger norfins. Giraffes are easier
to find than the other vintage animals
They range in value from $80-$250
dollars. All are marked Dam/denmark.
The european version(left) cost more
in the US than the american version.

  Below are some Dam Pigs.  The three larger pigs are banks. They come with keys  and felt scarfs  (most dam banks come with a colored scarf).   The large pig on the right  cost me $30.00.  The most common pig is the one in the middle with his arms closed. They sold for about ten bucks when first introduced.   Prices vary greatly for them now. The guy with open arms has a higher value due to the fact that they were not  imported\ in the US.

 Lions Are easier to find than some other troll animals. Below are four lions, right large: dam(norfin), lrft large: dam? (unmarked)
small front: lovable uglies, back unmarked made in hong kong? value: $45 to $150 dollars for large lions,$10-35 small.

Here is a picture of three lion trolls. Notice the different tails. The lion on the left is unmarked. The lion in the middle, I THINK(??) is the norfin reproduction ( some one cut its hair) and the lion on the right is the european version. It was purchased in England. The English version is marked on the right foot "design Dam Patent'. The norfin repro is marked on both front feet- right/ "made in denmark gjol" left/ "Dam Patent"

Lions are easy to find, actually so are most of the animals on this page.  Some of the
harder animals to find are the Dam Monkey's (female especially hard), aligators,vintage horse and some of the 6 inch mice and several of the animal banks.
  see page on for some pictures


 The prices for these trolls vary. The mouse troll on the right is the most valuable. It is a vintace mouse troll (THomas DAM) made in the sixties. PRice are currently running from 150 dollars to 350 dollars (on ebay auction web). I have seen three different expressions. There could be more. The troll bank in the middle is also by Dam but was made two decades later. It originaly sold for about 10 dollars. I am not sure what people are paying for it now. And the the other three fury mice are made by RAULS, wich was permitted to produce troll animals to be sold in England, I beleive. They are rare but not as pricy as the Dam mouse from the sixties.


this is the nyform that ate
the norfin, that ate the bear,
that ate the wishnik. .

 Older cow on the right is valued at about $175-$250 dollars. The remake is valued at about $50-$100 dollars. The original cow came with a bell around it's neck, the remake on the left has a green felt scarf.

Above are pictures of animal banks made by the Dam company.

WOW! Super rare troll bank by Dam!!!!!!!

I believe it is a porqupine. It has molded quill

marks on its back. It is marked "Hornsyld Denmark'


Above is a picture of some troll animals made by the Rauls company of England. I do not no know much about the company at this time. I am told that they were liscenced by the Dam company to produce Animal trolls. If you have any info on the company you would like to share please email me! On the top left is a mouse. Then in the middle we have, I believe at BAT!! I am told that it is often mistaken for a mouse but as you can see it is different from the mouse which is pictured next to it. It also has webbed hands and feet, whereas the mouse does not. Then we have a rabbit on the right, a hedgehog up left, and finally two small mice up front on the right. Value for these animals varies greatly. I have seen the hedgehog sell for 200 hundred dollars, but I got mine for 50 dollars. I paid 75 dollars for the small blue mouse, but only ten dollars for the pink one. The bat, if indeed that's what it is sells for a bit more than the others I have noticed.


This is a duck troll by the Rauls company. It is one of the more favored animals . I paid thirty dollars for it.

This monkey is marked 1969 ,Kamar INC. Japan. Not really a troll but very trollish and probably made to compete with the troll faze of the sixties. It is kewl. Again prices vary greatly for it. I paid 12.99 for it and have sen them being sold in second hand toy shops for 150.00 dollars which in my opinion is way too much! But then again almost all trolls that are vintage cost to much money!!!!!!!!! Don't you get sick of it sometimes? I sure do.

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The great troll tree where trolls come to gather.                                 


The man himself Thomas Dam