N e w t r o l l s


 These trolls are called wood trolls(DAM). They are newer styled  faces.  There are four
different types, two male, two female. I've turned the one troll to the side, so you can
see how large the nose is. They are marked "made in Denmark" on one foot and "604"
on the other.

 Here is a family of matching  newer Dam trolls.

Trolls are like Gremlins, they tend to multiply, once you have one you will want

There are lots of ways to arrange your trolls. Some people separate their Dam's
from their wishnics ect ect.  Some people arrange them by costume. Some people
like to keep their new trolls seperated from their old ones, and some people don't
give a DAM.  (sorry)


  A group of wizards meet for a convention.


 Here are the new larger size Dam trolls  (18 Inches).

The Russ company is back at it again.  These are two
of the four style "Glo Trolls"  The iluminate under
black light  ( sold at spencer gift shop)

These are sweetheart trolls.  The are made by
IMPERIAL toy company of LA Calif, and Canada
They appear to come intwelve outfits and have
a keen resemblence to Dino trolls.

These trolls are made by THE ORIGINAL SANFRANSISCO
TOYMAKERS  The look a lot like russ trolls and have that

cookie cutter look to them.  They come in their own cardboard

Here are some smaller sized new Dam trolls. The six inchers
come tied to cardboard that reads "den originale trold".

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