Welcome to the  Troll Like
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Anything goes for this page, well anything but not everything. ( no barbies allowed)
Here are some pictures of troll like collectibles, along with some limmited information.  Got something you want to show us?
Please note that i do not claim the following collectibles to be trolls, just things that have wandered into my collection.

Hey is this mickey in a troll costume
or a troll in a Mickey costume????

OK this little guy is about four inches in height
or seven including hair.  He is marked  WDP
(copyright) on his right foot, (walt Disney Prod-
ucts??) on his left foot  "624 GUND".  I am
told by reliable sources that a Miney and Donald
and Pluto have been seen. Have you seen any?
I bought this guy from a nice family in Chicago.
I am told it was bought there in the late sixties,
early seventies. I paid  $214.00 for him but
a friend of mine said he saw them selling for $57.


 I bought this guy on south street philadelphia, in a candy store.  I have
seen others  like it.  I believe it was made by an artist local to philadelphia
but I could be wrong.  I have also seen some listed on Ebay so I don't
know really.  It  was signed in ink but the signature came off when I washed
it.  I appears to be made out of foam covered with some kind of latex.  He
is cute one way or another.

Sisters grim!  Actually they are cave women.  Made in the Philippines.
They are finger puppets.
 Below is a picture of a steiff Hedgehog. Stieff
is a german stuffed toy company.  They make
very, very  high quality stuffed animals and
toys.  This was a gift to me by my Aunt so I don't
know what they usually cost.  I have seen bigger ones
for $145 dollars and up!!  You can find them in the same
places you find trolls.

 And here is a real hedgie!!  I am a bit upset with her  because
she ate her babies!!  Very trollish I'd say!!! But remember: the
hedgehogs that deserve love the least need it the most.
She insisted on being a part of this.

Below are two Unica's. They are marked made in Belguim.  1965
I paid about $35 dollars each. Black hair seems to be the most
common with these guy's.  The guy on the left is blond and I have
also seen one with purple hair.  I don't know much about them, do

This guy below was given to me by my aunt Teresa Fisher.
We think he is a leprecon.  He is all vinyl with intact vinyl
brown shoes. He is marked  Katzenberger  W Frank on his
 left foot and is wearing his original green pants and shirt with
a brown vest.



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