SCANDIA HOUSE was a sub division of Royalty designs of Florida. They produced trolls.  The company , after being sued by  Thomas Dam  for copy right infringement was licensed to handle all  of the Dam trolls in the United states.  So in a way, Scandia house trolls could be considered Dam trolls. Inge Dykins represented  Scandia house.  Below is a picture of a Scandia house troll dressed as Batman.  It has it's original Scandia house sticker (heart shaped).
Prices for these trolls are about the same as Dams.  I paid $75  for this one.


Below is a picture of a Scandia house troll and a Dam troll. Notice how alike they are. They are both almost the same size ( the scandia house troll is just a tiny bit bigger). They both are sporting felt outfits with the Scandia Housre troll saying 'go go" and the Thomas Dam troll saying "hi". It is very difficult to find trolls this old with felt outfits that still have their letters on them.

The history concerning the Dam company and Scandia House can be confusing due to the law suit mentioned above. One reason I like the Dam trolls so much is because (as far as I know ) it was Thomas Dam who created "the troll face' as we know it. Other companies ( RUSS trolls, wishniks by uneeda, and I guess Scandia house , a subdivision of Royalty Designs of Florida) came along and created their own troll faces, all of wich were very simular to the Dam design.

Below is a picture of some dam trolls. In the middle is a vintage dam troll in it's original box complete with passport. Kewl huh! Although common it is still hard to find these mint in a box like this. Note the price of $2.49! This is what they sold for back then. Mint in box value is about fifty dollars now. They were distributed by NAFIS INC.

Ouwch! sorry about those colors, gonna have to change this picture when I get a chance.
Be low is a picture of a Dog made by Royalty Designs.  Not a troll but very troll like.


NORFINS In 1982 market executive Steven Stark and his wife Eva stumbled
across the Dam trolls while on business in Denmark, where trolls have never gone out of style.  This discovery led to the set up of EFS Manufacturing to license the Danish designs. The result was a line of trolls called Norfins.  These trolls of coarse are still the creation of Dam  There was A norfin fan club through which you could buy all kinds of trolls and troll  collectibles!!.



 FAUNI TROLLS were made by the Kuuskoski family in 1952, a time when no one else cared about trolls.  They, I believe were the first trolls made!  What's more interesting is that they are still being produced!!  Sorry, I have no pictures at this time, as I just recently found out about them and have not been able to purchase any yet.
They appear to be stuffed characters.  U.S. TROLLS  2305 Market ST (near 23rd st) Wilmington  NC 28403 or phone 910-251-2270.


 HEICO  are/were made in Germany. They are all nodders. They are wearing
their original small metal tags that read " R Germany Original"  The big guy in the
middle is holding a human head!!  Prices vary for these trolls.  I paid  $95 for the big troll
and $25 for the smaller ones.


All right!! Now we are talking true trolls.  The guy
on the right is a satyr troll.  The big guy in the middle
is holding some poor girl's head.  He even has a penis
 and a set of testicles under his clothes!!

 ROOTED HAIR trolls are unmarked.  The ones below have been
dressed.  Some if not most of the larger rooted hair trolls were sold nude. The smaller rooted hair trolls did come in outfits. Below are a group of rooted hair trolls made by varoius companies. They are all unmarked. Some of the smaller rooted hair trolls have painted eyes. The picture below is of poor quality,(sorry) but if you look close you can notice that the troll on the left has a beard ! I am told that some of the smaller ones were sold for about one or two dollars. Now they sell for 20 to 50 dollars.  Larger trolls were about thirty to fifty dollars each.

LOVABLE UGLIES are made in hong Kong.  They have an obvious similarity to the large DAM  animals.  The uglies, unlike the Dam animals, only came in this small 3 inch size.  They are much cheaper than dam animals and are made out of a thinner plastic. I paid $25 for the lion and $40 for the elephant in the bag.


Remember these guys? WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE ! These are the figures

made by McFarlane Toys, from the story book by MAURICE SENDAK. Upfront is

Max and the goat boy along with AARON, BERNARD, Emil and MOISHE. (tzippy is

not pictured) "And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"


THERE ARE MANY MORE TROLLS. Hopefully  if there is an interest I will update this page and include more.

 It is not the intention of this web page to set prices for trolls, no one person can do that or should try.  So many factors will influence prices.  Here are some

  Trolls usually do go up in price as the years go by but to consider trolls an investment
could be risky.  Enjoy your troll collection but don't  over spend and get your self in trouble.
When that happens the pleasure of collecting is turned into a burden of bills.  Take your
time.  You don't have to buy every troll right away.  I have even seen really rare trolls being sold many times throughout the years, so don't be fooled into thinking that  you will only have one opportunity to buy a particular troll.
    I highly recommend the books and newsletters mentioned in this page.  Reading them is fun and informing.  O.K. enough preaching, who the hell am I to tell you what to do.


Saskia Stoepker sent me these scans of an old magazine article from the magazine TINA (1967!). In it was a story on DAM TROLLS. Check out these great pictures in the photo's. Notice the female ape!

Wow! Can you dig it? TINA is/was a Dutch magazine for girls. Thanks Saskia for scans!

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Here are a few more pictures of various trolls to close with.  Hope you have enjoyed your stay!

TROLL VIKINGS! Some of my favorites.
WHY TROLLS?    That's an easy question for me.  When I was a teen my dad told me to get ride of them.  He said it wasn't right for a young christian man to have  monster dolls in his room.  I guess I subconsciously rebelled cause now that I'm grown I have over  eight hundred of them.  My dad and I laughed about it later though!!
    I figure if it is so easy for me to love  all the different types of trolls so much then it must be a lot easier for God to love us, all of us!  GOD BLESS!

We love you Mimi !

Hey email me and  and tell me about your collection!!

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