Rogue's Hollow Studio

Artist Marsha Gilger is taking troll collectors to a new place with her unique creations. Her company Rogue's Hollow Studio is currently offering her great looking collectibles on ebay. She was kind enough to offer this interveiw, with some pictures of her work below.

Name of your company?    Rogue's Hollow Studio .....I am a dog show artist,pet and people portraits, sportswear with my dog art on them, silver jewelry, etc., and troll designer !

What got you started ?       I had a few trolls from the 60's, and that got my daughter collecting as a child. She still collects as an adult, and I got on Ebay after seeing her bidding over a year ago in trolls. I bought some to give her , and got some lemons in a few deals. Rather than get rid of them, and be out the money, I re-created one, and put it on Ebay as #1 of my "Forest Troll series". It did well, and I have kept it up. The limited edition series are over, and each one is just a one of a kind now. I designed dolls in the early 70's, and really enjoy that part of my artwork.

Do you collect trolls yourself?     I have a few trolls, but am not a real collector, as I have too many collections going. 

Where can people  buy your trolls?     Currently all of my troll creations go on Ebay only. I don't have a web site.

Check out these pictures below of some of her amazing work! <>