Here is my growing collection of sniks. They have landed on my washer and have begun their invasion of my basement. They are made by the bully company of germany. Bully produces many pvc figures.

background music by Alphaville


Astrosniks come in many different colors. The standard color is green.They can be seen in the picture above. There are also black sniks, orange sniks,pink sniks,blue aniversary sniks and yellow sniks made for the millinium.

The sniks have brought with them their conquests from various planets!

The Mother ship has landed. Actually this is called the BULLY-ASTRO-HAUS

Back in the 1980's they sold for about 30 dollars, NOW , well this one cost me 150.00 and they are scarce in the USA, however there seems to be several of them selling on auctions from Dutchland. Joker snik is pictured in the middle.

Security is tight around the mother snik and the supreme leader meets with Joker.