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         So your not afraid of trolls, huh? Actually your quite fond of the DAM things and have started a little collection of them? MMMM, I think I know your type: never liked bean bags and Barbie is, just a bit too apple pie for your taste?  Well now, I think I'm starting to like you.  So I created this page for you.  In it you will find information on troll collectibles as well as some folklore, references, pictures and a link or two. So grab your tails and lets get started!

( TROLL= Norwegian TROLL and danish TROLD, from old norse troll: a giant , or demon)
 CHECK THIS OUT  custom made trolls!!  The artist  Rick Butler
will carve your own special troll to order!!  Check out his web page for examples of his very fine work!  This is truely an awesome example of what he can do.  The troll  below is about nine inches high with three heads and a tail!!!!


Want one, or one made to order?  Write to:  Rick Butler studio, 1431 Maple Street, b-2 Pottstown, PA 19464  or email him at:  sculptor@zdial.com

                           HAIR TODAY GONE TOMORROW? NO PROBLEM!
I f your troll needs  new hair, you can order real mohair from the world of mohair by calling or writing  the world of mohair, 1007 bower road, west harrison, in 47060 or call  (812) 637-3874  or email  click here


FOREST TROLLS   Did you know that two hundred years ago certain people in Europe actually believed that trolls were real!  Many Europeans (namely scandinavians)  walked  very carefully through the woods in those day's, in fear of coming across a troll. Trolls  were not  the cute little figures with wild hair we know them to be today.  Back then  trolls were large evil giants, that lived deep in the forests and in hills and caves. They ate just about everything,  including people. It was downright dangerous for people to wander too deep into a forest.. With no modern technology,  little knowledge of the different types of animals , no good maps or airplanes to come look for you  when you got lost,  venturing  into a  forest  was very scary, to say the least. Those lucky brave souls that  found their way in and then back out  of the large uncharted wooded areas probably had many stories to tell of strange noises and creatures unfamiliar to them. Perhaps this is when some of the folklore started.   Today, of coarse, we know that trolls only exist in our minds, or do we?  After all what do you think big foot is?


 FIRST TROLL Legend has it that the first troll Ymir was slain by the God Odin.  When Ymir fell, his bones created the rocks and hills. His flesh created the land, and his blood brought forth the rivers and seas.  It is said that from his rotting flesh crawled small maggots that formed into  dwarf like trollish creatures. Some of these creatures flew into the air and became what we call Faeries, the others crawed under ground and became dwarfs/trolls/land faeries.  In a mixture of mercy and cruelty Oden decided to let these creatures  live.

 ALL A MISUNDERSTANDING  Ok, it is said that trolls don't like Christians.  Why is that? It's all because of  THOR!  You see it's Thor's job to protect humanity and Thor saw trolls as a threat. He sent down lightening to destroy the trolls. And so the trolls scurried under bridges and into caves and forests where they were safe.  As the world became more christian, more churches were built.  And with all these new churches came BELLS that rang loud! The loud bells scared the trolls because it reminded them of Thor's thunder and lightning!  That's how all the bad blood between trolls and  Christians started!!
My first encounter with a troll happened a long time ago on a twilight may's eve. It was late and I was out running with my dog when suddenly I heard a high pitch schreeech that came from within the wooded area behind our housing development. My dog and I ran toward the noise to see what it was. It was getting dark and I had no flash light with me but my dog lead me right to what appeared to be a mangled animal. I assumed it had been hit by a car and was limping back into the woods. It looked terrified. I carefully picked it up and brought it to my back yard. I made a little bed for it in the dog house. My dog was very unhappy about this but I let him sleep with me for the next three days while this animal slowly recoverd in the dog house. Every night after my parents fell asleep, I snuck out and brought it soup and water, and I dressed its wounds with some anitbacterial cream I found it the bathroom closet. On the fourth night when I came out to care for it, I found that it was sitting up. Its eyes were bright red. It had removed the bandages I put on it. As I bent down to give it soup it suddenly lunged at me and before I even knew what happened I realized that it had bit me on the hand. I was quite shocked. Then it said in a clear but strange voice that I will never forget , "your as ungly as a goblin, but your kindness will not be forgotten, we will seek you out one day, and now I go away" and then it scuried out of my yard with lightning speed. Of course I told my parents about this and they punished me for lying. They blamed my poor dog for the bite mark on my hand and grounded us both (expect for chuch)for the rest of the spring.Years later I began to be visitied by trollish creatures of every kind. They can find me easily wherever I am you see, because (they say) my blood has been infected by the troll bite and has a distict oder that only trolls,goblins and trussers can smell. Don't feel bad for me though, they have never hurt me, these little creatures. ( exept for the time three of them tried to kidnap me, but thats another story). Actually they have looked after me, for the most part,but they do like to cause trouble and they seem to come as quickly as they go. Some times years will go by without ever seeing one, then suddenly when I thought I was cured a strange little troll will be sitting on my desk, or rooting through my closet.





DAM THINGS  are the creation of Thomas Dam ( correctly pronounced "DOM" however most people mispronounce it as "Dam" Probably as a take of on the saying "damn things" ) of Denmark.  His creations are favored by most troll collectors and for good reasons. Dam trolls are well made, well dressed and have been around since the fifties. They became popular in the 1960's in America when they took the hippie generation by storm.  Some Dam trolls made in the sixties are demanding hundreds of dollars today.  Even the more modern Dam trolls seem to be holding their dollar value, that is to say, one can often sell their Dam troll for the same price, or more than what they paid for it.  Below  is a picture  of three Dam trolls dressed as pirates.  The one on the right  was made in the eighties.  It is called a 'NORFIN' which is the name given to imported Dams by the company  E.F.S..     It is still a Dam.
     The other two are  Dam things made in the sixties.  They are made of a harder plastic. Their dollar value is about  fifty to one hundred dollars for the  older trolls and about twenty to forty dollars for the newer troll.

Note the ears on the male trolls are pointed and on the
female troll they are round.  This  distiction is only true
for this eight to nine inch size (old and new)  and also the
22 inch large new trolls by Dam.

hold onto your tails! You are looking at the super dooper rare Aligator trolls. they are believed to be Dam trolls. Their markings are unkown at this time. The owner is unkown. they are pictured here with other rare trolls by Dam. To the right is a small dam ape troll (1960's). In the background is a Dam clown troll made in the sixties also. hiding in the far left hand corner is a tailed troll. It's a dream of mine to find one of these aligators some day. aren't they purdy. If you have any information on them please email me

WOW!! And here they are again. The aligator trolls! Pictured with some othe trolls. I think the flag under the trolls is very timely.This wonderfull picture was sent to me by Joe, who collects vintage trolls. It was very kind of him to share it with us. Thanks Joe. Please note that I do not own these trolls or this picture. But I'm willing to marry or adopt anyone who does!!

Below  are two more  Dam trolls dressed in original rain coats. They also came in a light blue color.  These bank trolls were sold at banks. This guy came from First Federal in Pottstown Pa (so reads his tag).Made in the sixties!

Below are some  Dam trolls dressed in their most common outfits, with original round tags tied to their necks. Made in the sixties!

Here are more Dam trolls. The two trolls on the right are vintage banks from the sixties. It is rare to find a set like this in such good condition. Notice how white the clothes are. They usually turn yellowish after years. The small troll on the right is an English version of a Dam troll in a smaller size. These trolls sold with passports as pictured


     Below is a picture of two turtle trolls.  The one on top is smaller, has hair and was made in the sixties. It is marked 'Dam things establishment 1964'.  The guy on the bottom is bigger,  has no hair and is also a bank.  He is marked ' Dam 1984'.  He has a slot to put coins in his shell.   The turtle on top is valued at $150 to $250 dollars, the remake is valued at $50 to $100. debra clark's book  "trolls"  is a great reference  especially for older vintage trolls.    This book will show you many of the trolls from the sixties and help you to identify older trolls from newer ones.  It has a lot of information  with some great pictures!  It can be ordered  from  HOBBY HOUSE PRESS, 900 Frederick Street, Cumberland, Maryland 21502. Debra's book is favored by troll collectors and for good reasons. It is highly informative and includes some really great rare troll doll pictures. She is ready to write another book. Contact Hobby House Press and let them know you are waiting to see it!!!



     Below are some rarer trolls by DAM.  To the right is a troll ape dressed as a sailor.  He is marked Thomas Dam on the back. He was originally sold with a red wrist tag. He is about 7 inches tall.  I paid $365 dollars for this guy. There is also a female ape and smaller 2 1/2 inch ape.   Then we have two animal banks: a kangaroo and a penguin  and finally Krolle Bolle.  Krolle bolle  is a popular cartoon character in part of Denmark. This is the DAM Companies version of the  cartoon.  He is also a bank. There is also a three inch version of Krolle Bolle made by Dam.

      Some of the rarest Dam trolls include; black trolls, 2 1/2 and 3 inch tailed trolls ( six inchers with tails are more common but still rare),  the famous alligator trolls (has anyone actually seen one?! mmm I wonder sometimes) .   I have also seen a  3 inch reindeer, I wonder if there is a larger one?  A bumble bee bank also exists I believe. If you have any of these consider yourself blessed!!   I am sure there are also trolls I  have not heard of.  If you know of any that should be added to the list  please let me know.  Thanks! You can click picture below to email me.  You can also surf to The troll Company by clicking the purples  letters below the picture.



YES! This little guy is my curent favorite. Can you guess what he is? Find out more about him on my troll forrest web page by clicking the link on the top of this page.


troll company aps

  click here to learn more about Krolle Bolle

 Animal trolls by DAM are very popular with collectors and also can be very expensive. Here is a picture of some elephants.  There is a six inch (large elephant) on the left from the sixties and also a three inch elephant from the sixties on the left.  Prices range from $30 to $75 dollars for the small sixties elephant and about $175 to $225 for the large( I paid $225 for mine)  Then in the(left) middle we have three newer elephants.  The six inch (dark grey)is valued at about $50 to $100 dollars.  It was an  E.F.S..  (norfin)  import made in the eighties. The two small elephants are valued at about $5 to $15 dollars. WAIT there's more! On the middle right is a very rare mocha colored elephant (probably produced in Europe or NZ). This guy is really neat. He has rust colored toe nails and eyes(first I have seen) and an oiginal red leather colar with a bell. Value is about 200-300 plus dollars. Then on the right back is a large grey elephant from Europe also. This is easier to find than the rust colored elephant but still rare. I got a good deal on him and only paid 83 pounds. Finally there is a small blue elephant that was made in England pictured in the right front.It is not a Dam. It is worth about 20-40 dolars. There is a light pink and baby blue elephant made in NEw Zealand (I beleive) by Dam. They are also very very rare. AND, ( am I driving you crazy yet?) ther is also a slightly larger version of this elephant. To see more animal trolls and a picture of the baby blue elephant please click on the link at the top of the page "troll chanted forest' .


  WOW! Here is a really rare white elephant troll with Dam patent markings. I have never seen this color before! He was purchased from New Zealand where he was probably sold in the sixties. He has black toe nails and islandic fur on his head. He also has a slot on his hump to put coins into. I have pictured him above between a more common flesh tone elephant and another darker elephant to give you an idea of how light he is. He is probably one of the rarest trolls I have. Please email me if you have any inof on him.


 Some known animal trolls by Dam include: 2-3 inch elephant, donkey, horse, cow, ape, mouse/ 3-5 inch turtle, mouse (with several facial expressions) /5-6 inch  horse, cow,elephant,lion, donkey (9 inch)/ eleven inch giraffe and a twelve inch giraffe. There is also apparently a alligator troll that comes in  a  5-6 inch size  and a 3 inch size. I have only seen a photo of these. I do not know of any troll collectors who actually have one, so if you do, bless you!! There are also  limited edition remakes of the large horse,cow,lion and elephant. (apparently there was never an original 6 inch Dam Horse) Five hundred of each were made.  They were originally sold for about $50 dollars through E.F.S. (NORFINS), the company that imported Dams into America in the eighties. On top of this there are numerous bank animals, some of which include a bear,mouse,squirrel,whale,elephant,  several pigs,turtle, panda bear?, seal, penguin,owl ,and Kangaroo and bumble bee(?) . There were also small animals sold both through E.F.S. called Norfins ARK, and also sold directly through the dam company. There are two sizes of a porcupine pen holder.
   I believe that there are more.  I think the Dam company made specific bank animals for different banks, so who knows what else is out there?! Please let me know if you have any others!

     It is easy for new troll collectors to get a bit confused over "types of trolls".  After all there are DAM THINGS, Norfins, Scandia house, wishnics, Russ trolls, treasure trolls, trolls made in China, trolls made in Japan, Lucky shnooks, unmarked trolls, Spoofed trolls, sweetheart trolls,Nyforms, Applause trolls, Heinz trolls,  heico trolls,Henning trolls, reislers, berrie nodders, rasta trolls, trolls made by various collectors ect. ect. ect. ect.

   On top of that several of the above mentioned producers have produced trolls  in the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties (such as the DAM Troll company).  Some companies have only produced trolls once and some companies only produce trolls when Trolls are in style  (such as wishnics by Uneeda Doll company).

  ON TOP OF THAT some troll producers ( such as DAM ) have trolls produced in different factories, in different parts of the world.  Thus we have European trolls, which tend to be of softer plastic than the American produced trolls.  American troll collectors tend to value european trolls more, I guess because they are harder to find here.  I often wonder if European troll collectors favor American trolls?

  It would be difficult to explain in detail everything there is to know about trolls  all at once.  Most true troll collectors will want to purchase the books mentioned in this page. ( I get no money for this,  the books and links in this page are not mine).  These books  will answer many questions. Also,  part of the fun of collecting trolls is the discovery of new  trolls and new information.  If you don't enjoy this process, it's safe to say that you  probably are not a die hard troll collector, but the fact that your reading this indicates that you at least admire trolls or perhaps you have a few and want to find out more about their value.  You can always e-mail me with questions about trolls    


   Here are two small animals by Dam,  The one
on the left is made of a sqeezable plastic.  The one
on the right is hard plastic. The harder plastic troll
was made  for the American market. The softer troll
was made  for the European market.  The european troll
cost me $110 dollars, the american cost $40. Perhaps
if I lived in Europe the prices would be reversed.
Please note" lovable Uglies" are also soft plastic
but remember,  they are not Dams and do not normally
command the same prices.


Above we have some tailed trolls by Dam.  All three sizes
are marked Damthings establishment 1965. They range in
size = 6 1/2 inches(left), 2 1/2 inches (center), three inches
(right). They all have oversized ears(compared to other dams)
and detailed finger and toe nails.  They all came dressed in
burlap with figleaf tags. The large troll also came with a pass-
port.  As you can see my large and small tailed trolls are
nudists.  Only my 3 inch has his original outfit.   The three and
two inch tailed trolls are very, very hard to find, especially
dressed. Needless to say they cost a bit. I paid two hundred
dollars  for each.  The large troll was $175.00  and much easier
to find.  There are also tailed dam trolls that were made later.
They look more like the newer Dams.   check a newer tailed troll on this page

PRICE watch: the medium sized tailed troll pictured above recently sold on ebay for over 700 dollars!!!!

Finally we have some twelve inch trolls by the Dam Company. The three trolls on the bottom were made in England. They have a darker skin tone and a slightly softer feel to the plastic compared to the trolls on top which are harder and lighter in color. They are all marked "dam things Establishment 1964" on their necks and feet. It is interesting to note that the English trolls have reddened cheeks and the markings are on their left foot compared to the American trolls on top, which have markings on their right foot!
  The two american trolls on top were produced during different times. I believe the troll on the top right, although marked 1964, was made later in the seventies. They just used the same mold. It has synthetic hair compared to the other Dam trolls which all have mohair. It sells for slightly less than the other troll on top.Twelve inch trolls came in many different outfits. The most common outfit was a caveman or trolls dressed in felt. Some rarer costumes include an Eskimo, Santa Claus, Playboy Bunnies, Sailer and Woody Hayes just to name a few. Some of these trolls came with a tag that said"IGGY NORMOUS Dam Things original" Most of these trolls sell for 100-350 dollars depending on their condition and the type of costume it has. There is also a black version in the twelve inch size that has a higher value due to it's rariety.

WISHNIKS  are made by Uneeda doll company.  Uneeda started their line of trolls, called wishniks, in the sixties when the first troll craze hit America.  Uneeda has also produced trolls in the eighties , seventies and also the early nineties.   The picture below shows three newer wishniks on the right (caveman, small nude troll and space man) and four wishniks from the sixties on the left ( 5 inch painter, large cheerleader and two  trolls with two heads.)   Prices vary too much for any one person to set them, but to give you an idea of prices I'll tell you what I paid for them: caveman $10, spaceman $5, nude $1, older painter $50, older cheerleader $30, dressed two headed $90, nude two headed $50. Most wishnics have double horse shoe imprints on their feet or are marked uneeda  somewhere.. Please keep in mind that troll prices will vary depending on a great  number of factors including but not limited to, demand, rarity, condition, and economy.  


      There are trolls called  "Lucky Shnooks" that were made in Hong
Kong that look just like the small two headed wishnics.  Many companies
tried to imitate other troll makers in an attempt to cash in on troll crazes
that have come and gone over the years. I guess in a way they were
successful , two headed trolls, whether they be lucky shnooks or wishnics
 command about the same amount of money now. When they  were
originally sold, people probably did not know the difference between lucky
shnooks or wishnics, they just bought what they thought was something
weird but neat. This is an example of infringement.   In 1966 Thomas Dam
 sued Scandia house for this reason, but eventually joined forces. In the
nineties E.F.S. sued Russ. Check it out here

Below is a picture of  some wishnics in their original packages. Trolls in their original packages usually have a higher resell value.  On the right are two wishnik carrying cases.



RUSS trolls are just that, trolls created by the Russ company. Because they are new and seem plentiful, in some areas, people tend not to value them as much.  Long time troll collectors can remember the day when Dam trolls were also.  So don't wait until they become more scarce and more expensive, get them now while you can!!  You can buy them direct through the RUSS company by calling  1-201-337-9000. / Pat Peterson will tell you and show you in her book    Collector's guide to trolls.   IT Is a very good reference on trolls, especially new trolls. It can be ordered by writing Collector books, po box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009

This Russ troll is in a Japanese outfit. It is one of many many outfits made by the Russ company. Russ trolls come is many sizes, both vinyl and stuffed bodied.


NYFORM  trolls are handmade in Norway from latex. They are a creation of the artist Bjorn Schulze. They are very true to original folklore description. Some of them are even very large!  Below is a picture of  what they look like. The one on the left is a spitten image of my ex.   This type of troll tends to crack in the sun, so it's best to keep them in a dark corner. HEY, real trolls also crack and turn to stone in sun light!


TREASURE TROLLS by ACE NOVELTY CO INC.  are toy trolls produced in the early to mid nineties.  They have wishstones in their bellies.  If your lucky you can still find them in chain stores.

Reisler Trolls   were made in DENMARK .  The two guys below are marked JN (Reisler made in Denmark on their left foot)They have horns and tails! Some of these trolls are marked 1966 but I believe they were manufactured  well into the eighties( perhaps they are still being produced).   It is important to note that trolls marked with dates don't necessarily mean they were made the year they are marked.  It means that the mold was created in that year.  I paid $59 each for mine but I have seen them being sold for less than half of what I paid. Some of them even come dressed. Some even come dressed as Santa!!  Go figure. Talk about mixing oil and vinegar!

They look so cute lying in the weeds. Don't let them fool you, they

And here they are, same markings, no tails, real mohair ! I paid $200 for the set.

The trolls below have been called many different things over the years. They are reffered to as the 520 style, 522 style, little brother and litle sister trolls. They are all made by the Dam company. There are (as far as I know ) twelve differt face styles for the femal version and twelve diferent face styles for the male version. These molds have been around for quite some time. The older style, and the ones produced in denmark have mostly mohair and felt outfits with little buttons on their front. They are a bit more costly. i paid about fifty dollars each for them. The newer styles have synthetic hair a a large variety of outfits. Some were made in china to be sold in the States and are thus marked "made in China DAM". The older ones are just marked "TH DAM Design". This mold has been used many times for different endeavors. The norfin line imported them also. The totally troll line also used this mold. Notice the trolls in the right hand picture below. the two on the left are older versions and the two on the right are newer versions dressed as a ski bum and sailor. I like the girl in the middle because she has a tag tha reads 'trold" on her dress. Trold is a forien word for troll.




Hey Hey Hey. Yes you are looking at some super kewl black trolls above. The four larger trolls in the back are by russ and are new. The smaller two trolls on the left are vintage Dam trolls marked "dam original" on their backs. These two three inchers are mint in their original costums. It took me 5 years to find vintage black dam trolls. The small troll in the middle is a treasure troll (newer). And lastly the small troll on the right is an unmarked tab troll made in the sixties. Prices for the small Dams are $125+ or more for each. The newer black trolls can still be bought. The tab troll is worth about $50.

A six inch vintage black Dam troll (mip) just sold on ebay for 1600.99 dollars!! Here's a shovel, can you dig it?


More on Black trolls. There were black trolls pruduced by the Dam company at diferent times. I have two small ones marked 1977 and an eight inch vintage black dam troll marked 1961. the fact that not as many of them were made is one reason they are so hard to find . All of the black trolls I have were bought outside the United states.


Please note: I am not sure if the small moongoon wearing a dress is an original costum or not, although I have seen the cave man outfit on another MIB moonie so I think at least the cave outfit is orignial. The two large moongoons are in original costume.

These guys are called moon GOONS, not moon monsters like many of us thought. They are marked "L KHEM 1964". Lynn was kind enough to send some information on them. She bought one in a store 35 years ago where they were sold nude and marked as moon goons. Lynn also told me that she saw a web site that claimed L. Khem was marketed by Dykins Sales Inc. The smaller ones sell for 20-60 dollars, the larger ones are hard to find and sell for over one hundred dollars. There is more information about these guys on the 3 inch page. Hey if you dig aliens please check out my astrosnik page below! Thanks Lynn!

snik page


 more trolls





Where to buy and sell trolls

  Unfortunatly all of the above news letter have been cancled, probably due to the inter- net and online auctions.





   Known trolls disguised as humans :  Rod Stewart,  Nancy Reagan, Pee wee, Newt, Linda Carter,, OJ, Mic Jagger, The queen mother ,cindy brady JUST KIDDING !! 

 Did you know that the Egyptians had a troll God named  Basi.  They prayed to him for protection from evil and to aid in child birth.

Norway produced a car and named it troll!  It was a economic disaster and only six were produced.

Henrik Ibsen made trolls famous in his play   PEER GYNT

Trold is the danish way of saying trolL

The Troll company APS in Denmark, which create the original Dam trolls recently caught on fire. Efforts are being made to rebuild

TROLLS like to eat high C, bird bones, barbie heads, bean bags and
bike tires.





 Trolls by Debra Clark (HobbyHouse Press 1993) Indentification and Price Guide (this book tends to be a favorite among collectors, it shows a wide variety of the older harder to find trolls. In fact many are hoping to see another book by Clark)

A Collectors Guide to Trolls by Pat Peterson (Collector Books 1995)

Trolls by Susan Miller (Collector Books 1981) an illistrated Price guide

"Modern doll rarities " by Carla Marie Cross, has a section in her book about trolls.  call  1-800-334-7165

troll dolls by Jeanne niswonger ( out of print)



Hey check out the book, TROLL by  FRID INGULSTAD, with illustrations by SVEIN SOLEM. In it you will find some kewl stories about trolls.  It even has a section called SENSIBLE GUIDLINES on how to avoid being eaten or captured by trolls.  Some include:
  • saying God's name or a verse in psalms when you meet a troll
  • running crossways over the furrows so your tracks make a cross

       checking for tails under the clothes of people with trollish ways.

THE trollton  chronicles  write to:  Dawn Killen-Courtney, po box 26151, st louis park, mn 55426   Dawn Killen-Courtney lives in St. Louis Park with her husband Richard, their dog Morgan, cat Lady Jane Greycious, and 125 (or so) trolls!


Trolls by Jan Lindenberger with Joel Martone ( A Schiffer Book for Collectors with Price Guide) 
It is fun to compare prices of trolls from the older books and newer books. It shows how much trolls have gone up in price over the years. For instance. A large Dam tailed troll is listed in Millers book for 12 to 20 dollars on page 14. Millers book was written in 1981. Clarks book wich was written in 1993 has the same troll listed for about 175 dollars on page 38.

Please note however that is was not the intent of the writters of these books to set prices for the trolls. The prices are a reflextion of the amount of money people were spending on trolls at the particular time the books were written.





 Try this link for a Troll fantasy game played by mail.
 Click here to learn more about troll evolution!! written by Stefanie Jenssen

Below is a great link to  Melnic's happy home page.  Check out her  link to troll creations
it's fantastic.  She has created some great trolls.  There are also some trolls created by Cliff Sharp.

 Melnik's Happy Home page
 Troll immigration and naturalization service

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clic beloto sigmy  gues book

sign Goblin King's book of shadows


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